Oshawa Ultrasound
Diagnostic Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you do. In addition to your OHIP card, you need to provide a requisition form signed by a licensed Ontario practinioner.

Yes, there is. The fees vary depending on the type of the test. Please contact our clinic at (905) 576-2622 to find out more.

*Please note that if you don’t have a valid health card but you do have other types of insurance coverage (Refugee, Blue Cross, etc.) your visit may be eligible. Please contact the clinic so that we can determine your eligibility.

For non-urgent tests within 2-3 business days.
For the tests that are marked “urgent” by your doctor the preliminary results will be given the same day..

No, sonographers are not permitted to discuss the results. Only your doctor can discuss the results with you.

There are no known risks from the sound waves used in an ultrasound scan when performed by physicians or trained technicians.

There are a few ways to book an appointment:

As soon as we receive the referral, we are going to give you a call to find a suitable date and time for your appointment. You are always welcome to give us a call at (905) 576-2622.

We prefer to receive the requisition form first so that we know exactly what kind of ultrasound you require. Please note that during the pandemic we do not accept walk-in patients.

We all know that emergency situations happen suddenly. Kindly try your best to call our office 24 hours in advance.

You could mention to your doctor that you would like to be referred to Oshawa Ultrasound Diagnostic Services. Alternatively, you can conveniently print our requisition form from our website and ask your doctor to forward the form to us.

No, your requisition/referral does not have to be from Oshawa Ultrasound Diagnostic Services.
You could use any requisition/referral form from any clinic as long as it’s ordered and signed by a licensed Ontario practitioner.

Yes, there is a free of charge parking lot at the back of our building.